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Discover the essence of groove and rhythm with our handcrafted collection of funk drum samples.
From tight snares to crisp hi-hats, we’ve curated the perfect ingredients to inject your music with infectious funkiness.

Explore our diverse range of high-quality samples and let your beats groove like never before.

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Make it Funky!


The drums have a crucial part in every song you hear. Make sure to always choose the best drum part for your next song! Here you can find tons of grooves, made with love and with the intention to serve the music. Just drag and drop in your favorite DAW and start creating your next song!

No overplaying allowed


breakbeat /ˈbreɪkbiːt 

Sample of a syncopated drumbeat usually repeated to form a rhythm used as a basis for funk music, hip-hop, etc.

You will find grooves made of 16, 8 and 4 bars in these sample packs.
No drum solos or gospel chops are allowed in these breakbeats.

We are here to serve the music in its purest form.

“These samples have been a game-changer for my productions. The funk drum samples are simply amazing and have brought a whole new level of energy to my music.”

John D.

Bass Player

“The attention to detail in these beats is incredible. I’ve never heard such authentic and versatile funk sounds before. Highly recommended!”

Sarah L.