Online Drum Lessons

Take your playing to the next level!

Imagine what it would be like

To play the drums exactly how you want to!

My online lessons are the best choice for those who feel tired of playing always the same things and who want to express themselves with more confidence on the instrument or want to learn from scratch following a study path organized and tailored to the student!

I will teach you every single aspect of the drums that will make you a better drummer!

You just started playing the drums and you want to be followed by a professional drummer to avoid any mistakes that make you waste your time.

You already have some experience on the instrument but you feel stuck and you are unmotivated with learning on your own without any guidance and you are looking for some support to learn new Grooves and fills to improve your drumming skills.

You have limited time to study and you need a clear method that takes you to the next level.

Online Lessons


High quality video & Audio

I teach on Zoom or Skype in order to offer High quality Video & Audio!

always by your side

Even if the lesson is over and you need some advice, you can send me an email and receive a feedback on what you are studying!

A step by step program

Since the first lesson, we will define a study path built on your needs and the goals you want to achieve!

downloadable material

At the end of each lesson you will receive a transcription of the topics we talked about.

for all levels

Anyone can attend my Online Classes! Even if you have just started playing the drums, you will have no problem following my lessons!

Make it funky!

If you love Funk music then you are in the right place! We will cover all the aspects that you need to know in order to play this style of drumming in a proper way!



We will cover all the topics that will allow you to have fun on the drums and to become a Funky Drummer!

On our first lesson I will ask you to tell me about your musical background, your difficulties and your goals. From there, I will show you the first steps to take and we will build a personalized path to get you immediately to the first tangible results on your playing.

  • Hand Speed
  • Rudiments
  • Coordination
  • Sight Reading Excercises
  • Groove Construction
  • Linear Funk
  • Hi-Hat Patterns
  • Bass Drum Indipendence
  • Ghost Notes 
  • Drum Fills
  • Tuning
  • Interplay with other instruments
  • Developing a Drum Solo
  • Playing with a Metronome


your plan

You can subscribe to my lessons by choosing one of the following options.

One Shot Lesson

$ 45

Two Lessons

$ 90

Four Lessons

$ 180

Got questions?

I got answers. Send me a message here!