Are you tired to play over and over the same ideas in your Grooves?

In this FREE Masterclass I will show you some easy and cool concepts 
that you can instantly apply in your style that will allow you to play in a different and creative way!

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In this Masterclass you will learn

1. How to play with more dynamic using ghost notes

2. How to apply buzz strokes in your playing

3. How to create syncopated grooves 

4. How to create Funk Patterns on the hi-hat

Thursday at 21:00

I will talk about four easy concepts that will make you sound like never before!

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The concepts featured in this Masterclass are very simple to apply in your playing!

For each topic covered there will be a detailed demonstration performed slowly with examples transcribed note by note!

Since everything will be played very slow, even though you recently started playing the drums you will be able to participate and to understand all the concepts explained!