10 Courses + 200 minus drums


Ignite a creative spark in your drumming and play with confidence and creativity.

My Story, Your Path

Are you feeling stuck on your drumming path?

If you’re a beginner or intermediate drummer, it might sometimes feel like you’re facing insurmountable obstacles.

Repeating the same drum fills and grooves and feeling unsure of what to practice next to improve genuinely are signposts pointing toward the need for change.

I spent years searching for the right path to improve my playing and often felt like I was running in circles. 

I’ve been right where you are.

My journey through the beat

I remember the days, weeks, and years, feeling stuck in the same place, not knowing how to move forward.


Finding My Groove

Struggling to lock into the pocket and play a solid Groove with confidence.

Coordination Challenges

Battling to synchronize hands and feet, especially with syncopated patterns or when playing on the ride cymbal.


Creative Blocks

Running out of ideas for drum fills and solos, playing all the time with the same patterns.

Timing Troubles

Difficulty keeping a steady beat or playing with a metronome or along with songs.

The Turning Point

It wasn’t until I took a step back and analyzed what was missing in my playing that things began to change.

I realized that without a structured path and a clear understanding of what to practice, I would continue to feel stuck.

This realization led me to create a straightforward, focused approach to drumming that tackled each challenge head-on.

From mastering the complexities of rhythm to developing seamless coordination and finding my groove, I dedicated myself to transforming my playing.


The Funky Bundle

“The Funky Bundle” is the culmination of years of personal struggle, learning, and breakthroughs. I designed this collection of 10 comprehensive drum courses to directly address the challenges that held me back for so long.

It’s more than just a set of lessons; it’s a roadmap for overcoming the common hurdles every drummer faces at some point in their journey.

By focusing on the core aspects of funk drumming, from the foundational grooves and fills to the nuanced techniques that make funk so uniquely challenging and rewarding, “The Funky Bundle” provides a clear path to improvement.

Inspirational reviews

from our Community

"The Funky Bundle" is an absolute game-changer for drummers stuck in a rut. I found myself playing the same stuff and grooves. This bundle has reignited my passion for drumming!!!!"

James B.

"Highly recommend to any drummer looking to seriously upgrade their skills and find new inspiration!!

Paul F.

"Being able to reach the videos just with one click on the pdf is really cool. Really good exercises for funk style!"

Chris M.


What’s inside


  • COURSE 1: Mastering Swunk Grooves
  • COURSE 2: Linear Grooves
  • COURSE 3: Jazz Comping Coordination
  • COURSE 4: Ride Grooves
  • COURSE 5: Legendary Grooves
  • COURSE 6: Timing Booster
  • COURSE 7: Putting All Together
  • COURSE 8: Funky Drum Fills
  • COURSE 9: Crafting Your Drum Solo
  • COURSE 10: Snare Drum Tuning
  • BONUS: Minus Drums Vault 
  • Access Lessons From a PDF


“The Funky Bundle” is a curated collection of 10 comprehensive drum courses designed to transform your playing and help you master the art of funk drumming. 

Access video lessons seamlessly or opt for the convenience of PDF transcripts, providing flexibility in your learning journey. Whether you prefer watching demonstrations or reading along, I got you covered.

You also get access to a library with 200 loops and minus drums to practice new fresh grooves and ideas.


Through more than 100 carefully curated lessons, This course collection is your step-by-step guide to pushing your boundaries and achieving your drumming goals.

Unlock your potential, find your groove, learn how to create syncopated patterns, and how to play with dynamic and craft beautiful and tight drum fills and solos.

The Outcome

What will you gain?

Master Funk Grooves

with “Swunk Grooves”: Dive into the exciting blend of swing and funk to create an unique and tight groove.

Enhance Coordination

with “Linear Grooves” and “Ride Coordination”: Tackle intricate linear patterns and jazz comping to solidify your hand and foot coordination.

Creative Expression

through “Funky Drum Fills” and “Crafting Your Drum Solo”: Discover new fills and soloing strategies to express yourself and break free from the same patterns.

Sharpen Your Timing

with “Timing Booster”: Tighten your rhythm to lock in with your bandmates or backing tracks perfectly.

Unlock Funky Rhythms

with “Ride Grooves” and “Legendary Grooves”: Learn new, syncopated grooves and discover the secrets used by the greatest funk drummers.

Break free from

rhythm repetition

By choosing “The Funky Bundle,” you’re not just learning – you’re transforming your drumming experience.


Imagine stepping onto any stage, with any band, in any funk setting, and playing with absolute certainty. “The Funky Bundle” equips you with the knowledge and skills to find and lock into the groove every time.

Through mastering diverse funk rhythms and understanding the nuances of the genre, you’ll gain the confidence to express yourself freely and powerfully, ensuring your performance is not just heard, but felt by everyone in the room.


One of the biggest hurdles for drummers is hitting a creative wall, especially when it comes to drum fills and solos. This bundle is your sledgehammer to that wall, offering a treasure trove of ideas that inspire innovation in your playing.

By exploring a wide range of drum fills and soloing techniques, you’ll learn how to weave your personality into every beat.

The exercises and examples encourage experimentation, pushing you to create signature sounds and sequences that set you apart.


Fluidity in playing comes from seamless coordination between your hands and feet, allowing you to execute complex rhythms with ease.

“The Funky Bundle” focuses on enhancing your limb independence, enabling you to tackle intricate grooves and patterns without hesitation.

This improved coordination is the key to unlocking tighter, more cohesive performances that truly groove.

Minus Drums Vault

With 200 tracks at your fingertips, the “Minus Drums Vault” ensures your practice sessions are never repetitive or dull.


Various Loops


Bass & Moog Loops


Drumless Tracks

Unlock Your Potential with the “Minus Drums Vault”

Step into a world where your drumming takes center stage with our exclusive “Minus Drums Vault,” the final jewel in “The Funky Bundle.”

Explore new rhythms, experiment with different fills, and perfect your solos. This vault is your playground, where the only limit is your imagination.

Practice with Purpose

The “Minus Drums Vault” is more than just a library of tracks; it’s your personal rehearsal space where every session is tailored to challenge, inspire, and elevate your playing.

Practice with purpose, applying the techniques and skills you’ve developed through the bundle to a diverse range of funk genres and styles. Each track is a new opportunity to groove, fill, and solo, pushing your limits and expanding your repertoire.

Change your playing today


Dive deep into 10 expertly designed courses and 200 minus drums. Your path to becoming a confident and creative drummer starts here.



Instead of $399


All-Skill Levels


10 Video Courses


Over 100 Video Tutorials


PDF Lessons Access


200 Minus Drums


Gain Creativity & Confidence



3 payments of $66 each


All-Skill Levels


10 Video Courses


Over 100 Video Tutorials


PDF Lessons Access


200 Minus Drums


Gain Creativity & Confidence


Frequently Asked Questions


Is "The Funky Bundle" suitable for all skill levels?

Absolutely! This bundle is designed to accommodate drummers of all levels, including beginners. Whether you’re just starting your drumming journey or looking to refine your skills, you’ll find valuable insights and grooves to enhance your drumming experience.


How does the payment plan work?

You can purchase “The Funky Bundle” with a one-time payment of $199 or with a flexible payment plan that allows you to spread the cost over three monthly payments of $66 each.


How do I access the video tutorials for each groove?

It’s simple! Within the PDF, each groove transcription is clickable. Just click on the transcription, and it will lead you directly to the accompanying video tutorial, where you can watch and learn at your own pace.


What if I have questions or need assistance with the method?

If you have any questions or need assistance at any point in your journey, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at info@backbeatonline.com

Your path to becoming a confident and creative drummer starts here!